Scottish Heavy

Pours a dark brown, smells of dark malt and smoke. Tastes like chocolate malt, smoked peat, and a whiff of burnt sugar caramel malts. Medium body and just enough Kent Goldings leave you refreshed after the roast and the smoke, ready for more of this redolant brew. Carbonation is appropriately lower than most American beers, about two volumes (2V).

The finish is thankfully much dryer than most wee heavies. Doesn't get bogged down in crystal malts or toasted malts like its European cousins, and employs a stronger use of roasted malt. Reminds me of the American interpretation of this style of Devil's Canyon Full Boar, but the malt profile of this beer is much tastier. Unlike Full Boar, this beer has no astringency, and a full and round malt flavor due to Marris Otter.

Brown Porter

Our version of a traditional London Porter. Roasted flavor complemented by nutty & toffee characteristics. 5.5% abv.

Double Brown Porter

Imperial London Porter The big brother to our Brown Porter. This double version gives the porter a lot bigger body. Hints of wood and fruit as well as roasted flavor, complemented by nutty & toffee characteristics. Light carbonation. 9.5% abv.


Session Oatmeal IPA. Lower alcohol IPA but with a large mouth feel due to the addition of Rolled Oats. Dry Hopped with Mosaic Hops. Originally brewed as a collaboration with Stone Brewing in 2013. 5.25% abv.

Smoked Rye

Light brown. Good balance between malt and hops. Dry mouth feel with lots of peatiness giving some bready, smoky fruitiness. 7.0% abv.

Johnny Mash

Black IPA IPA with dark malts added to give it a dark, roasty, complex flavor with lots of hop bitterness. Dry Hopped with Amarillo. 6.5% abv.

English Style Ale

Oatmeal Stout

A session stout if I've ever tasted one. Not too roasty, not too sweet, not too alcoholic, and not too bitter. Oatmeal and medium nitrogenation conspire to give the silky and creamy mouthfeel center stage.

Fresh Willamette aroma and the smooth roasted malts in the finish leave your mouth feeling scrubbed and perfumed. No charcoal harshness or astringency. Medium to light body and a little more sweetness than the average dry stout remind you you're not drinking water.

A simple and excellent stout that begs you to drink five, thumbing its nose at its imperial brothers and sisters.

India Pale Ale

Anniversary Ale

Specialty Ale

Specialty Ale